Episode 30 – Networked Making

I talk about how the principles of node noggin could work in real life by applying the idea to a recent awesome event I attended at UAL Camberwell London called Networked Making.

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Notable Replies

  1. Interesting. I think it needs a visual to make more sense to those who weren’t at the event? I think you could do with some classic Product Manager ad-libs, like “As a _____ I want to be able to ______ so that I can ______”

    (e.g. “As a NodeNoggin user, I want to be able to be anonymous, so that I can contribute potentially-sensitive material and comments to the network”)

  2. Thanks @dajbelshaw always tricky to explain a visual concept in words :smile:
    I’ve been posting and then saving stuff on twitch. Here is the latest recording which might give a little more indication but I think I could try and come up with a video of the concept I thought would apply in the context of the network making event, I also still think I could have explained better what I visualised in my head !

    Online for a week then I am archiving and will place online at a later date

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