Episode 10 – PhD upgrade

Microcast PhD discussion on my chapter titles for forthcoming upgrade VIVA and some other stuff that I undertook.

Dr. Seth Giddings

Prof. Hugh Davis


Epsiode 9 – Delightful Ramble

My first attempt to recount and reflect on a PhD day.  What started out as not that productive turned into some fun. This is a bit of a ramble, but hopefully Ill get better at documenting my day. Enjoy and see the links below.

Some of the #procterphd Images on Instagram

Discuss the new discourse site icon

“Laser Socks is our Spacewar” – LaserSocks

Quick link to tweet about DynamicLand from Bret Victor the lab he is part of and builds on his talk The Humane Representation of Thought

Books Mentioned

  • Dirksen, J., 2015. Design for How People Learn, New Riders.
  • Lyon, M. & Hafner, K., 1999. Where Wizards Stay Up Late, Simon and Schuster.
  • Papanek, V.J., 1983. Design for Human Scale, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company.
  • Saffer, D., 2009. Designing for Interaction, New Riders.
  • Saffer, D., 2013. Microinteractions: Full Color Edition, Oreilly & Associates Incorporated.
  • Walter, A. & Spool, J.M., 2011. Designing for Emotion,
  • Weinschenk, S., 2011. 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, Pearson Education.


Episode 8 – PhD intro

delightful design driven ethical open edutech

Brief intro to my ongoing PhD research into design-led, ethical, teaching and learning focused Art & Design higher Education digital edutech platforms.

Episode 6 – Mozfest


Links to sessions I attended;

Decentralization and Dignity against Digital Colonialism

Demystifying ethereum to build your own decentralized app (Ðapp) using blockchain

Code For Life: Inspiring All Children

User-centered Consent

Designing Network-Centric Resources

Meet Me Half Way: Team Relations & Communications in Open Source Spaces

Episode 5 – Apple make Education great again

A follow up to Henrik Carlsson’s microcast Make the Mac Great Again
Apple are not doing well in the Pro space but also they are not doing well in the education space. Cutting off the supply of graduates that want to work on the Apple Platform will also hinder the Pro market. Cutting out the need for Pro Apple products! This is not good!


Episode 4 – Pixave App

A great little app for saving UI and such elements as images for inspiration and future thinking. Now on iPad and macOS.

(my own online collection of ui things (not very up to date – needs supporters(if you want to))