Episode 21 – Banning Mobile Phones in School

Why banning mobile phones in a school is not really a positive move as this TES article seems to suggest.

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Notable Replies

  1. Thanks Adam! As I mentioned in our Slack channel:

    1. Nothing to get you into trouble here
    2. I think you could have also mentioned the fact that you can’t be critical of technologies unless you’re exposed to them (although you do hint at that in the bit on ‘digital natives’
    3. Unsurprisingly, I do think you’re misguided about the ‘factual recall’ argument. Factual information does matter, as it’s what’s synthesised into knowledge. Your example of King Harold and the Battle of Hastings is a good one. It kind of matters that this was 1,000 years ago, and happened before the Magna Carta (1215). You have to have a starting point to build an argument and you can’t be constantly pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

    Keep going with the microcasts! :slight_smile:

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